A neural network approach to facility layout problems

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, Sunil Bharitkar, Yoshiyasu Takefuji

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A near-optimum parallel algorithm for solving facility layout problems is presented in this paper where the problem is NP-complete. The facility layout problem is one of the most fundamental quadratic assignment problems in Operations Research. The goal of the problem is to locate N facilities on an N-square (location) array so as to minimize the total cost. The proposed system is composed of N x N neurons based on an artificial two-dimensional maximum neural network for an N-facility layout problem. Our algorithm has given improved solutions for several benchmark problems over the best existing algorithms.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)556-563
Number of pages8
JournalEuropean Journal of Operational Research
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1996 Mar 22


  • Facility layout
  • Neural networks
  • Parallel algorithms
  • Quadratic assignment problem
  • Two-dimensional maximum neuron model

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  • Computer Science(all)
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Management Science and Operations Research
  • Information Systems and Management


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