A new technique for endoscopic mucosal resection with an insulated-tip electrosurgical knife improves the completeness of resection of intramucosal gastric neoplasms

Shin'ichi Miyamoto, Manabu Muto, Yasuo Hamamoto, Narikazu Boku, Atsushi Ohtsu, Satoshi Baba, Motoki Yoshida, Masana Ohkuwa, Kouichi Hosokawa, Hisao Tajiri, Shigeaki Yoshida

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Background: En bloc resection is optimal for the cure of gastric neoplasms by endoscopic mycosal resection (EMR). A new technique was developed for EMR by ysing an insulated-tip electrosyrgical knife (IT-EMR). This is a report on the clinical application of IT-EMR. Methods: IT-EMR of 123 gastric tumors was performed in 120 patients. The en bloc resection rate, completeness of resection, and associated complications were evaluated. The local recurrence rate was studied for 90 intramucosal lesions followed for more than 6 months without further treatment. Results: The en bloc resection rate for all lesions was 54% (67/123 lesions). The en bloc resection rates were 82% (27/33) for lesions 10 mm or less in size, 54% (29/54) for those between 11 mm and 20 mm, and 31% (11/36) for those of over 20 mm. Complete resection rates in the cases with en bloc resection were 78% (21/27) for lesions 10 mm or less in size, 76% (22/29) for those between 11 mm and 20 mm, and 73% (8/11) for those over 20 mm. There were no episodes of major bleeding that required blood transfusion or surgical intervention; minor bleeding including oozing occurred in 38% (47/123). Perforation occurred in 1 case (1/123; 0.8%). The local recurrence rate for lesions resected en bloc was significantly lower than that for lesions resected as multiple fragments (respectively, 2/49; 4.1% vs. 7/41; 17%: p = 0.041). Conclusions: IT-EMR is feasible in clinical practice and has a high en bloc resection rate. En bloc resection may reduce the rate of local recurrence.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)576-581
Number of pages6
JournalGastrointestinal Endoscopy
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2002 Apr
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