A review and classification on the supply chain risk management

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Many research papers have been published concerning about supply chain risk and supply chain risk management in recent years. Specially after 9.11 terrorism aboard, and after 3.11 disaster in Japan, researches and actions such as, BCP(Business Continuity Planning), supply chain disruption risk, have been carried out and increasing number of papers were published. On the other hand, research about risk has long history, starting from a general definition hundred years ago, then defused to each research field considering characteristics of the research field. Now, definition and methodologies are developed with fruitful achievement, in general purpose and in practical implementation for specific fields. In this paper, we reviewed 92 papers categorizing those papers into risk, supply chain risk and supply chain risk management. Papers are collected from database of scientific research magazine, such as science direct and CiNii, and all papers were reviewed one by one, classifying into risk, supply chain risk, and supply chain risk management. Characteristics of risk, supply chain risk, and supply chain risk management are analyzed during throughout the reviewing, and classified into several categories and a structure of supply chain risk consists of two layers including three categories, such as internal, external, and environment in first layer, and several associated categories are proposed as second layer in the structure. Existing review papers or categorization methods are summarized in a table showing relationship between the papers and the proposed two layer structure of categorization. Furthermore, researches in Japan concerning about the supply chain risk management are reviewed independently, and future research expectation are presented.

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