A unified approach to hydrodynamic oscillator type flowmeters - On the complementary relations between fluidic flowmeters & vortex flowmeters.

H. Yamasaki, S. Honda

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The purpose of this investigation is to try a unified approach to hydrodynamic oscillator type flow measurement. The complementary relations between fluidic flowmeter and vortex flowmeters are discussed from the view point of the relation of jets versus wakes. This paper describes a new fluidic flowmeter and a hydrodynamic phenomenon on which the flowmeter operates. A bistable fluidic amplifier is made into a fluidic relaxation oscillator by connecting two control ports together through a tube of suitable length. The oscillation frequency is proportional to volumetric flowrate into the inlet nozzle. A complementary vortex flowmeter is proposed. These flowmeters are studied from the two different viewpoint in parallel, the oscillation of jet and the alternate vortex shedding. The observed values of two Strouhal numbers of these meters are nearly equal for the similar Reynolds numbers. This fact suggests the possibility of the unified approach and supports the complementary model of relation between two flowmeters. Another type of fluidic flowmeter is described. It is a feedback oscillator type fluidic device, in which a part of output flow is fed back to control port through tubes of suitable length. Performance of the flowmeter is also studied. As a result, several factors controlling the performance of two types of fluidic flowmeters and similarity to vortex flowmeters are clarified. (A)

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Publication statusPublished - 1979 Jan 1


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