Atomic-scale luminescence measurement and theoretical analysis unveiling electron energy dissipation at a p-type GaAs(110) surface

Hiroshi Imada, Kuniyuki Miwa, Jaehoon Jung, Tomoko Shimizu, Naoki Yamamoto, Yousoo Kim

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Luminescence of p-type GaAs was induced by electron injection from the tip of a scanning tunnelling microscope into a GaAs(110) surface. Atomically-resolved photon maps revealed a significant reduction in luminescence intensity at surface electronic states localized near Ga atoms. Theoretical analysis based on first principles calculations and a rate equation approach was performed to describe the perspective of electron energy dissipation at the surface. Our study reveals that non-radiative recombination through the surface states (SS) is a dominant process for the electron energy dissipation at the surface, which is suggestive of the fast scattering of injected electrons into the SS.

Original languageEnglish
Article number365402
Issue number36
Publication statusPublished - 2015 Sep 11
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  • energy dissipation
  • GaAs(110) surface
  • luminescence
  • scanning tunnelling microscope
  • surface electronic states

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