Between the ‘Media City’ and the ‘City as a Medium’: The Media City: Media, Architecture and Urban Space by Scott McQuire Los Angeles, London, New Delhi and Singapore: SAGE, 2008

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This article reviews Scott McQuire's book, The Media City, which focuses on the historical formation of the media-architecture complex of the current urban environment. While the book provides rich insights into the ways various media technologies have become interconnected with urban architectural structures, the underlying concept of media in McQuire's discussion could be criticized in three respects: (1) visual-centred, (2) technology-based and (3) real-time oriented. After considering these three points in the context of the theoretical ideas put forward by Henri Lefebvre, Friedrich Kittler and Walter Benjamin, particular attention is paid to Benjamin's prominent figure of the flâneur. Through reconsidering the experience of the flâneur in terms of the technique of getting lost in the city, possibilities are suggested as to thinking differently about the ‘media city’. In other words, it is proposed that we should examine the theoretical possibilities concerning the modern urban experience between the ‘media city’ and the ‘city as a medium’.

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