Clinical results of endoscopic hemostasis using a short transparent hood and short hemoclips for non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding: Original article

Naoki Hosoe, Hiroyuki Imaeda, Kazuhiro Kashiwagi, Makoto Naganuma, Nagamu Inoue, Hidekazu Suzuki, Kazuhiro Suganuma, Yosuke Ida, Hiromasa Nakamizo, Koichi Aiura, Haruhiko Ogata, Yasushi Iwao, Koichiro Kumai, Toshifumi Hibi

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Aim: Endoscopic hemostasis using hemoclips is useful, but there are technical difficulties because the angle of the approach is tangential. A transparent hood facilitates the observation and treatment of these lesions, and a shorter hood provides a wider visible field. Endoscopic hemoclipping of hard lesions with hemoclips of the conventional size does not reliably result in sustained hemostasis because the clips slip. Short clips, however, can be easily clamped on protruded visible vessels without slip. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy of endoscopic hemostasis with a short transparent hood and short clips. Methods: Subjects were 198 patients with 214 lesions of non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding at Keio University Hospital. We used a video endoscope with a short transparent hood attached to its distal tip and carried out hemostasis using short hemoclips. Results: The short transparent hood provided a good visual field. If the lesions were in the tangential, the short hood made it possible to observe them in the frontal view and made clip hemostasis much easier. The short clip could be securely clamped against protruded visible vessels. Of 214 lesion, 211 (98.6%) had temporal hemostasis. Rebleeding occurred in 13 of 211 lesions (6.2%), and 205 of 214 lesions (95.8%) had permanent hemostasis. Nine cases were endoscopically difficult. Conclusion: Endoscopic hemostasis with a short transparent hood and short clips is useful for non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)93-96
Number of pages4
JournalDigestive Endoscopy
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2009 Apr 1



  • Endoscopic hemostasis
  • Hemoclip
  • Transparent hood

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