Erratum: Fluctuation amplitude of a trapped rigid sphere immersed in a near-critical binary fluid mixture within the regime of the Gaussian model (J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. (2016) 85 (044401) DOI: 10.7566/JPSJ.85.044401)

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I have found some errors in Ref. 1 although the final results need not be changed. The equation, section, figure, and reference numbers below are the ones in the above-mentioned paper. Equation (21) should be replaced by κ ≡ 2 + 1 / sc(1 + sc), (1) which means that the right-hand side (rhs) of Eq. (21) should be replaced by the rhs divided by sc. The term sc 1 should be −1 in the first entry of Eq. (47), in the third line below Eq. (57), and on the rhs of Eq. (60). I should have deleted sc in the first term on the rhs of Eq. (57) and in the parentheses on the rhs of Eq. (61). In the braces of Eq. (58), sc= should be 1= and the lower bound of the integral should be unity. Other errors to be corrected are as follows. The description at the beginning of Sect. 4.1 is misleading; the terms other than p of Eq. (26) come from the first term of Eq. (5). The partial derivative in Eq. (31) should be replaced by the ordinary one. I missed mentioning the value of ξ0 used for Fig. A·1. It is 0.23 nm, which is adopted from Ref. 34. The term MΔφ1 in Eq. (B·3) should be replaced by Mφ1Δφ1.

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