Evaluation of three cases using a novel titanium mesh system-Skull-Fit® with orbital wall (Skull-Fit WOW®)-for cranial base reconstructions

Noriko Hattori, Hideo Nakajima, Ikkei Tamada, Yoshiaki Sakamoto, Takayuki Ohira, Kazunari Yoshida, Takeshi Kawase, Kazuo Kishi

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Cranial base reconstructions associated with tumor resections around the orbital wall often require that both the upper and lateral orbital walls be reconstructed during a single procedure. Previously, we used titanium mesh plates that were preoperatively fabricated based on three-dimensional models. Although these plates are precise and do not increase the probability of infection, we still had to use autologous bones to reconstruct the orbital walls. Recently, we developed a new titanium mesh platecalled Skull-Fit®with orbital wall (Skull-Fit WOW®), enabling us to reconstruct the cranial base and orbital walls without bone grafts. Here, we report on three reconstruction cases in which the novel titanium mesh-orbital wall system was used. In all three cases, the customized titanium mesh system performed satisfactorily with little, if any, complications.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)279-286
Number of pages8
JournalSkull Base
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2011 Sep 19



  • Skull-Fit WOW®
  • Titanium mesh plate
  • meningioma
  • skull base reconstruction

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