High-power visibly emitting Pr3+: YLF laser end pumped by single-emitter or fiber-coupled GaN blue laser diodes

Hiroki Tanaka, Shogo Fujita, Fumihiko Kannari

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    We demonstrate the high-power continuous-wave operation of a Pr3:YLF laser end pumped by blue laser diodes. As the pump source, we used four 5 W single-emitter blue laser diodes and a >20 W fiber-coupled module. In single-emitter-diode pumping, we obtained pump-limited output powers of 6.7 and 3.7 W at 640 and 607 nm, respectively. We successfully suppressed thermal aberration and obtained an output power of 3.4 W at a slope efficiency of 25% at 640 nm with good beam quality in the fiber-coupled module pumping.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)5923-5928
    Number of pages6
    JournalApplied Optics
    Issue number21
    Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jul 20


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