High resolution quantum sensing with shaped control pulses

J. Zopes, K. Sasaki, K. S. Cujia, J. M. Boss, K. Chang, T. F. Segawa, K. M. Itoh, C. L. Degen

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We investigate the application of amplitude-shaped control pulses for enhancing the time and frequency resolution of multipulse quantum sensing sequences. Using the electronic spin of a single nitrogen vacancy center in diamond and up to 10,000 coherent microwave pulses with a cosine square envelope, we demonstrate 0.6 ps timing resolution for the interpulse delay. This represents a refinement by over 3 orders of magnitude compared to the 2 ns hardware sampling. We apply the method for the detection of external AC magnetic fields and nuclear magnetic resonance signals of 13C spins with high spectral resolution. Our method is simple to implement and especially useful for quantum applications that require fast phase gates, many control pulses, and high fidelity.

Original languageEnglish
JournalUnknown Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2017 May 22

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