Identification of a cytochrome b5-fusion desaturase responsible for the synthesis of triunsaturated sphingolipid long chain bases in the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana

Louise V. Michaelson, Jonathan E. Markham, Simone Zäeuner, Midori Matsumoto, Ming Chen, Edgar B. Cahoon, Johnathan A. Napier

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Triunsaturated sphingolipid long chain bases (LCBs) have previously been reported in some specialised tissues of marine invertebrates. We report the presence of similar LCBs in the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana and identify the cytochrome b5-fusion desaturase responsible for the introduction of the third double bond at the Δ10 position in d18:3Δ4,8,10. This study extends the catalytic repertoire of the cytochrome b5 fusion desaturase family, also indicating the presence of orthologues in other marine invertebrates. The function of these polyunsaturated sphingolipid LCBs is currently unknown but it was previously suggested that they play an essential role in primitive animals. The identification of the desaturase responsible for their synthesis paves the way for further studies.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2013 Jun 1



  • Desaturase
  • Long chain base
  • Sphingolipid
  • Thalassiosira pseudonana

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