Increased lymphocyte trafficking to colonic microvessels is dependent on MAdCAM-1 and C-C chemokine mLARC/CCL20 in DSS-induced mice colitis

K. Teramoto, Soichiro Miura, Y. Tsuzuki, R. Hokari, C. Watanabe, T. Inamura, T. Ogawa, N. Hosoe, H. Nagata, H. Ishii, T. Hibi

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Although enhanced lymphocyte trafficking is associated with colitis formation, little information about its regulation is available. The aim of this study was to examine how the murine liver and activation-regulated chemokine (mLARC/CCL20) contributes to lymphocyte recruitment in concert with vascular adhesion molecules in murine chronic experimental colitis. T and B lymphocytes isolated from the spleen were fluorescence-labelled and administered to recipient mice. Lymphocyte adhesion to microvessels of the colonic mucosa and submucosa was observed with an intravital microscope. To induce colitis, the mice received two cycles of treatment with 2% dextran sodium sulphate (DSS). In some of the experiments antibodies against the adhesion molecules or anti-mLARC/CCL20 were administered, or CC chemokine receptor 6 (CCR6) of the lymphocytes was desensitized with excess amounts of mLARC/CCL20. Significant increases in T and B cell adhesion to the microvessels of the DSS-treated mucosa and submucosa were observed. In chronic colitis, the accumulation of lymphocytes was significantly inhibited by anti-mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule (MAdCAM)-1 mAb, but not by anti-vascular cell adhesion molecule-1. In DSS-treated colonic tissue, the expression of mLARC/CCL20 was significantly increased, the blocking of mLARC/CCL20 by monoclonal antibody or the desensitization of CCR6 with mLARC/CCL20 significantly attenuated the DSS-induced T and B cell accumulation. However, the combination of blocking CCR6 with MAdCAM-1 did not further inhibit these accumulations. These results suggest that in chronic DSS-induced colitis, both MAdCAM-1 and mLARC/CCL20 may play important roles in T and B lymphocyte adhesion in the inflamed colon under flow conditions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)421-428
Number of pages8
JournalClinical and Experimental Immunology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2005 Mar


  • CC chemokine receptor 6 (CCR6)
  • Dextran sodium sulphate
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Lymphocyte migration
  • MAdCAM-1
  • Murine liver and activation-regulated chemokine (mLARC/CCL20)
  • VCAM-1

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