Is BIBFRAME 2.0 a Suitable Schema for Exchanging and Sharing Diverse Descriptive Metadata about Bibliographic Resources?

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This article examines BIBFRAME 2.0 from the viewpoint of a metadata schema for diverse descriptive metadata about bibliographic resources, that is, whether the present BIBFRAME is suitable for the exchange and sharing of such metadata. First, an overview of the BIBFRAME model built with core classes and properties is provided. Secondly, under the multi-class structure of BIBFRAME, a way of defining the domain of the properties in BIBFRAME is examined. Thirdly, possible other ways of defining the properties' domain are discussed and compared with that of BIBFRAME. Finally, a more suitable way of defining the domain is explored.

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JournalCataloging and Classification Quarterly
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  • metadata schema
  • metadata vocabulary
  • multi-class structure
  • RDF
  • vocabulary mapping

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