Lamellar corneal injury by bamboo splinters: A case report

Motoko Kawashima, Tetsuya Kawakita, Chika Shigeyasu, Jun Shimazaki

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Introduction. We report an unusual case of corneal lamellar injury caused by long bamboo splinters. Case presentation. A 70-year-old Japanese man visited our hospital with a bamboo injury. Slit lamp examination revealed that a bundle of bamboo splinters had deeply penetrated the corneal stroma of the right eye from the nasal limbus. The splinters were approximately 8 mm in length, but had not perforated the anterior chamber. They were completely removed by superficial corneal incision alongside each splinter with no consequences. The eye has remained healed for 3 months postoperatively. Conclusion. The bamboo splinters did not perforate the anterior chamber, although they were long and hard enough to do so. This may be because the spatula-like shape and flexibility of the bamboo splinters allowed them to penetrate the lamellar layer of the corneal stroma with ease, but with no perforation of deeper tissue.

Original languageEnglish
Article number7226
JournalJournal of Medical Case Reports
Publication statusPublished - 2009
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