Liquid-Infused Smooth Coating with Transparency, Super-Durability, and Extraordinary Hydrophobicity

Mizuki Tenjimbayashi, Ryo Togasawa, Kengo Manabe, Takeshi Matsubayashi, Takeo Moriya, Masatsugu Komine, Seimei Shiratori

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Liquid-infused coatings are because of their fluidity of considerable technological importance for hydrophobic materials with multifunctional properties, such as self-healing, transmittance, and durability. However, conventional coatings absorb viscous liquid into their sponge-like structured surface, causing uncontrollable liquid layer formation or liquid transport. In addition, a hydrophobic-liquid-retained surface can cause instability and lead to limitation of the hydrophobicity, optical properties, and flexibility due to liquid layer evaporation. Here, we report a strategy for controllable liquid-layer formation on smooth surfaces (R rms < 1 nm) by π -electron interactions. Using this technology, superoleophilic wetting of decyltrimethoxysilane results in the design of a surface with π -interaction liquid adsorption, smoothness, and hydrophobicity (SPLASH), that shows extraordinary hydrophobicity (CAH = 0.75°), and stable repellence for various water-based solutions including micrometer-sized mist. The smoothness of the solid under a liquid layer enabled the SPLASH to exhibit stable hydrophobicity, transparency (>90%), structure damage durability and flexibility, regardless of the liquid layer thickness by bending or evaporation. Furthermore, the patterned π -electrons' localization on the smooth coating enables controlled liquid-layer formation and liquid transport. This strategy may provide new insights into designing functional liquid surfaces and our designed surface with multifunctional properties could be developed for various applications.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)6693-6702
Number of pages10
JournalAdvanced Functional Materials
Issue number37
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Oct 4


  • hydrophobicity
  • lubrication
  • slippery surfaces
  • wetting control
  • π-interaction

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