Measurement of the Thermal Diffusivity of Liquids by the Forced Rayleigh Scattering Method. 3rd Report. Measurement of Molten Salts

Takuya Hatakeyama, Yoshito Miyahashi, Masakazu Okuda, Yuji Nagasaka, Akira Nagashima

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The thermal diffusivity of molten KCl has been measured in the temperature range up to 1000°C by the forced Rayleigh scattering method. Through the experimental assessment of appropriate dye materials for high temperature molten salts, the materials employed here were CoCl2 and NiCl2 for KCI and K2[PdCl6] for NaNO3 (check measurement at 333°C). In the case of very weak absorbing dye for molten salts, it was found that scattered light superimposed over the diffracted light of interest has to be taken into account to analyze the output voltage signals of a photomultiplier. The accuracy of the measurement is estimated to be ±7% for KCl colored with NiCl2. The present KCl results show one of the smallest values among other previous data and they are different by a factor of four. The present study demonstrates the promising applicability of this method to high temperature molten salts.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1131-1137
Number of pages7
JournalTransactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Series B
Issue number501
Publication statusPublished - 1988 Jan 1
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  • Forced Rayleigh Scattering Method
  • Molten Salts
  • Thermal Diffusivity
  • Thermophysical Properties

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