Organ preservation in the treatment of malignant solid tumors in children

M. Saeki, M. Nakano, T. Kuroda, T. Kinjo, M. Tori-Kai, Y. Tsunematsu, M. Kumagai, Y. Matsumoto, H. Masaki, E. Kohda

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Organ preservation is one of the requirements for maintaining the high quality of life after the treatment of malignant solid tumors in children. We analyze our recent results of renal preservation in the abdominal neuroblastoma and describe 3 cases of successful organ preservation in pelvic malignancy. Between 1982 and 1996, 29 patients with adrenal or retroperitoneal neuroblastoma, that extended into the surrounding tissues and organs and/or to the contralateral side, underwent delayed primary excision. Before 1982, 9 patients were treated and only one ipsilateral kidney was preserved. On the other hand, 13 of 20 kidneys were preserved after 1987. Adoption of cisplatinum deepened our awareness of preserving the kidney. Furthermore, we have altered our strategy since 1987 to continuing preoperative chemotherapy until the size of the tumor becomes as small as it is estimated completely resectable by our own index, which is derived from computed tomography. Kidneys are shielded during intraoperative irradiation, and the tumor relapsed from the shielded area of retroperitoneum in one patient. Four of 14 preserved kidneys became atrophic and lost their function. The bladder and the rectum were left intact at tumor resection after intensive chemotherapy in two patients with pelvic (one retroperitoneal and one vaginal) rhabdomyosarcoma. A yolk sac tumor of the vagina responded completely to chemotherapy with cisplatinum, etoposide and bleomycin. The patient has survived 7.5 years without any local and distant relapse in spite of the fact that surgery, aside from several diagnostic biopsies, was not undertaken.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)666-672
Number of pages7
JournalJapanese Journal of Cancer and Chemotherapy
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1997 Sept 24
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  • Neuroblastoma
  • Organ preservation
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Yolk sac tumor

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