OurTV: Creating media contents communities through real world interactions

Janak Bhimani, Toshihiro Nakakura, Kazunori Sugiura

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In this paper, the service OurTV is introduced and explained as a content delivery platform that uses micro casting to deliver content on a hyper local geographical scale through the television in one's home. OurTV proposes to create a true convergence of various new and traditional media to create a media contents community. This media contents community embodies the core concepts of a convergence culture where the roles of producer and consumer are not mutually exclusive [4]. Everyone, regardless of technical proficiency, will have an opportunity to become active members of their community through the use of OurTV. The most important characteristic of OurTV is that the interactive process which begins on the screen is continued and developed in the real world through real human interaction.


  • Hyper local
  • Interactive television
  • Media contents community
  • Micro casting
  • Social television

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  • Computer Science(all)


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