Performance of multicarrier trellis-coded 8PSK using frequency hopping in Rayleigh fading channels

Kouichi Ohkawa, Iwao Sasase

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A multicarrier trellis-coded 8PSK system using frequency hopping (FH) technique is proposed to improve bit error rate (BER) performance in digital land mobile communications. In general, trellis-coded modulation (TCM) system is employed with interleaving in multipath fading environment, whereas, in this system, we employ FH technique to disperse the influence of successively received weak signals due to multipath fading with small delay, i.e., without interleaving process. BER performance of the proposed system in a Rayleigh fading channel is investigated by computer simulation. It is shown that although there is no improvement in diversity order by applying FH technique, there is an improvement in energy efficiency as compared with a multicarrier trellis-coded 8PSK system without FH. It is also shown that the performance of the proposed system is not affected by the fade rate of the channels, i.e., the proposed system is effective even in the slow fading condition. Therefore, it is found that the proposed system is effective in the case that the processing delay time is restricted, such as mobile speech communications.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)145-149
Number of pages5
JournalNational Conference Publication - Institution of Engineers, Australia
Issue number94 /9
Publication statusPublished - 1994 Dec 1
EventProceedings of the International Symposium on Information Theory & Its Applications 1994. Part 1 (of 2) - Sydney, Aust
Duration: 1994 Nov 201994 Nov 24


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