Physical implementation of natural intelligence in colloidal particle systems

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We attempt to implement ant pheromone algorithm to find the shortest path between their nest and food using pheromone trails. We used polystyrerne beads (PBs) suspended in water as agent ants and employed a phase-change material (PCM) film to mimic the pheromone behavior. The interaction between PBs and the PCM film provides pheromone deoposition, enhancement and tracking of pheromone trail, and pheromone evaporation.

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Title of host publicationOptics InfoBase Conference Papers
PublisherOSA - The Optical Society
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Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jan 1
EventOptics and Photonics Japan, OPJ 2018 - Tokyo, Japan
Duration: 2018 Oct 302018 Oct 31

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ConferenceOptics and Photonics Japan, OPJ 2018


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