Reporting of patient deaths and grave injury incidental to clinical practice

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The Japan Surgical Society has developed guidelines for the reporting of patient deaths and grave injury incidentally occurring in their clinical courses, following its declaration in March 2001 in reference to practitioners' duty to notify the police under Article 21 of the Medical Act. These guidelines can be summarized into three points. First, they are ethical guidelines for practitioners and are not concerned with the legal duty required under the Medical Act. Second, they require reporting of patient deaths even if the cause is still not confirmed as medical malpractice, and reporting of grave injury due to apparent medical malpractice, not mention deaths due to apparent medical malpractice. Third, it is emphasized that the guidelines be applicable for the time being until some generalized system is established, which is specialized to accept reports about patient deaths and grave injury incidentally occurring in their clinical course from every hospital nationwide and to collect data concerning small incidents and risks in medical practice. The Japan Surgical Society strongly requests that such a general system start to function as soon as possible. In advance, the current guidelines should be amended repeatedly in reference to problems occurring in actual cases.

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