Smart sensors and diagnosis algorithms for structural health monitoring system to improve the durability of buildings

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As many research efforts have been accumulated extensively on structural health monitoring (SHM), the technology pool for SHM has been widened and deepened. However, in the course of developing such a system, it has become recognized that the establishment of a proper data management system consisting of smart sensor network and database is the important and urgent issue for utilizing the sophisticated tools effectively. Although many researchers have advocated the necessity of such a system for gathering health information, designers and contractors are kind of reluctant to reveal the information to third parties. While, the purchasers, users, or owners of structures keep eager to know the safety and reliability of their properties. Thus, the specifications of the SHM systems vary widely depending on which stakeholders are involved. In this paper, some research activities including smart sensors and diagnosis algorithms to improve the durability of buildings are introduced. A SHM consortium consisting of sixteen companies that are interested in using the system is also briefly explained. The consortium is going to develop a feasible data management system with common data models to be used to store the measured data as a three-year project.

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