Synthesis, crystal structure, and thermoelectric properties of layered antimony selenides reosbse2 (RE = La, Ce)

Yosuke Goto, Akira Miura, Ryosuke Sakagami, Yoichi Kamihara, Chikako Moriyoshi, Yoshihiro Kuroiwa, Yoshikazu Mizuguchi

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Inspired by the recent first-principles calculations showing the high thermoelectric performance of layered pnictogen chalcogenides, we experimentally characterise the crystal structure and high-temperature transport properties of the layered antimony selenides REOSbSe2 (RE = La, Ce). The crystal structure of REOSbSe2 was the tetragonal P4=nmm space group, consisting of alternate stacks of SbSe2 and REO layers. These two compounds were n-type semiconductors. The optical band gaps of LaOSbSe2 and CeOSbSe2 were evaluated to be 1.0 and 0.6 eV, respectively. The room-temperature thermal conductivity was 1.5 W m−1 K−1 for RE = La and 0.8 W m−1 K−1 for RE = Ce. These relatively low thermal conductivities were comparable to those of isostructural layered bismuth chalcogenides. We substituted O2− with F ions to introduce electrons as charged carriers to optimize the thermoelectric performance, but increasing the electrical conductivity was still challenging.

Original languageEnglish
Article number074703
JournalJournal of the Physical Society of Japan
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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