Synthesis of natural products containing cyclohexane units utilizing the Ferrier carbocyclization reaction

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The Ferrier carbocyclization reaction is one of the most powerful transformations of carbohydrates. This reaction provides enantiomerically pure cyclohexanone derivatives from aldohexoses, and is particularly useful in the chiral pool synthesis of cyclohexane-containing natural products from carbohydrates. We have investigated the synthesis of natural products utilizing the Ferrier carbocyclization reaction. This account provides a brief overview of the Ferrier carbocyclization and its application to natural product synthesis. The utility and versatility of the Ferrier carbocyclization reaction are showcased with the syntheses of hygromycin A, lycoricidine, actinobolin, galanthamine, and morphine starting from carbohydrates.

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JournalChemical record (New York, N.Y.)
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  • carbohydrates
  • chiral pool
  • Ferrier carbocyclization reaction
  • natural products
  • total synthesis

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