Usefulness of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography for diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma in dialysis patients: Comparison with computed tomography

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Aims:To investigate the usefulness of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography for diagnosing renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in dialysis patients.Material and methods:Of 1301 dialysis patients who underwent abdominal computed tomography (CT) between January 2012 and March 2017, 19 were suspected to have solid renal lesions; of these patients, 18 gave consent for and underwent contrast-enhanced ultrasonography with perflubutane in addition to CT; 13 underwent dynamic contrast-enhanced CT, and 5, who could not be administered iodinated contrast media, underwent unenhanced CT. The final diagnoses were based on histopathological findings or the presence/absence of enlargement of the lesion during follow-up.Results:Of the 19 lesions in 18 patients, 14 were diagnosed as RCC and 5 as benign cysts. CT facilitated accurate diagnosis in 10/19 lesions (52.6%) with obvious enhancement (≥20 Hounsfield units [HU]), while definitive diagnosis by CT was difficult in 9 lesions: 2 lesions showed ambiguous enhancement (10-20 HU), 1 lesion was an inflammatory cyst with obvious enhancement, and 6 lesions were assessed by unenhanced CT. Compared with CT, contrast-enhanced ultrasonography allowed more accurate diagnosis (McNemar test, P = .02) in 17/19 lesions (89.5%, 14 RCC and 3 cysts; including all lesions assessed by unenhanced CT and 2 with ambiguous enhancement on CT), with 1 false-positive (inflammatory cyst with hyper-enhancement) and 1 false-negative result due to deep location of the lesion.Conclusions:Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography was useful for the diagnosis of RCC in dialysis patients with suspected solid renal lesions especially when contrast enhancement was not obvious on CT or contrast-enhanced CT could not be performed.

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