3D Position Detection of A Moving Object in Active Stereo Vision System with Multi-DOF Motion

Tomoyuki Shiozaki, Toshiyuki Murakami

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This paper describes a strategy to improve the accuracy of 3D position detection of a moving object. Stereo vision is one of powerful methods to detect a target position. However the measurement accuracy depends on the configuration of a target object and two cameras of vision system. In this case, these exist a camera configuration that enables to improve the measurement accuracy of object position. On the other hand, the camera system requires a multi-DOF motion to realize fast tracking of moving object. To address the above issues, a stereo vision system with multi-DOF motion is developed in this research. The constructed vision system has two hand-eye system that are controlled independently. In the proposed strategy, two performance indices are considered to determine the manipulator motion of hand-eye system. One is camera configuration index to evaluate the performance of the position detection by the stereo vision. The other is a manipulability measure of the manipulator in the hand-eye system. Considering both indices to determine the motion of hand-eye system, the tracking performance of stereo vision system is improved. Numerical and experimental results show the availability of the proposal method.

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