A case of bullous dermatitis artefacta possibly induced by a deodorant spray

Satsuki Ikenaga, Hajime Nakano, Noriko Umegaki, Ryuta Moritsugu, Takayuki Aizu, Michihito Kuribayashi, Katsumi Hanada

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Dermatitis artefacta is one of a spectrum of factitious diseases etiologically responsible for skin lesions denied by patients. These factors often make it difficult to identify the causative agents of the condition. Herein, we report a case of bullous dermatitis artefacta in a 12-year-old girl, for which a deodorant spray was suspected as the probable cause. Pathological examination revealed subepidermal blistering with full-thickness necrosis of the epidermis, suggesting a thermo- or cryo-induced injury. Psychological testing demonstrated her immaturity and dependence. In searching for the causative agent, we suspected a deodorant spray as a blister-inducing agent. We succeeded in reproducing a similar blister lesion on the volunteer's healthy skin using the same spray. Psychiatric involvement significantly complicates the treatment of factitious diseases, including dermatitis artefacta. Cooperation among dermatologists, psychiatrists and the patient's family members is required for ensuring a favorable prognosis.

ジャーナルJournal of Dermatology
出版ステータスPublished - 2006 1月 1

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