A case of huge prostate cancer

A. Miyajima, K. Ikeuchi

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An 89-year-old man with bilateral leg edema and a huge abdominal mass was admitted for further evaluation. CT scan showed a huge prostatic mass which occupied the whole pelvis cavity accompanying multiple pelvic bone metastases. Suprapubic needle biopsy revealed that the mass was well differentiated adenocarcinoma of prostate origin. The treatment was initiated by 500 mg per day of estramustine phosphate combined with injectable LH-RH analogue 2 months later. The serum levels of tumor markers were markedly elevated at the first visit; PSA 210 ng/ml, PAP 110 ng/ml, γ-Sm 800 ng/ml. They became normalized 3 months after the initiation of the treatment, and the mass was reduced to 11.5% of the initial size, which lead to removal of indwelling urethral catheter. The patient and his family, however, refused further treatment and the patient died of disseminated disease 8 months later.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1995 1月 1

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