A Clinical Study on Cefdinir in Pediatrics

Yoshitake Satoh, Satoshi Iwata, Hironobu Akita, Keisuke Sunakawa

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Clinical evaluations of cefdinir (CFDN, FK482) were carried out. The obtained results are summarized as follows. 1. Clinical responses to CFDN of 43 patients with pediatric infections were excellent in 23, good in 15, fair in 4 and poor in 1. The overall efficacy rate was 88%. 2. Bacteriologically, the eradication rate for 34 isolates presumedto be pathogens was evaluated and the eradication rate was 85.3%. 3. Side effects observed were diarrhea in 4 of 48 patients. The incidence was 8.3%. Abnormal laboratory findings were an elevation of GOT, an elevation of eosinophile and an increase in platelet counts. The results suggested that CFDN might be a very useful and safe drug for the treatment of pediatric infections.

ジャーナルthe japanese journal of antibiotics
出版ステータスPublished - 1990

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