Activity recorder: A device to record user's activities using rfids and sensors

Jun'ichi Yura, Hiroshi Sakakibara, Jin Nakazawa, Hideyuki Tokuda

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We have been investigating a new class of ubiquitous services, called Activity Logging, which takes advantage for private and public sensors and the RFID tags on real-world objects. The purpose of Activity Logging is to digitally record users' interests with real-world objects and users' context to describe the users' activity. Such digital information acquired from a range of sensors and tags, if being accumulated, forms a great data source for users to recall their activities later or to share the activities with others. This paper explores the design space to realize Activity Logging, and proposes a simple mobile device called Activity Recorder that marries public and private sensors to provide a powerful Activity Logging service. An Activity Recorder contains a range of private sensors, and has communication capability to work with public sensors around the user.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2007

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