An anomalous downsizing of glycothermally-synthesized YBO3 crystals by Ce3+ doping

Ayano Tani, Hiroki Hara, Satoru Takeshita, Tetsuhiko Isobe

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We have systematically investigated the effects of rare-earth doping on the size and morphology of YBO3 crystals prepared by a glycothermal method. Spheroidal particles of YBO3 crystals doped with 1 at% of various rare-earth ions are prepared from trimethyl borate and acetates of rare-earths via a glycothermal reaction at 300 °C for 2 h in 1,4-butanediol. Ce3+-doped YBO3 shows remarkably small particles of ~180 nm in diameter, while undoped and other rare-earth-doped YBO3 consist of spheroidal particles of ~1 μm in diameter. This downsizing phenomenon for Ce3+-doped YBO3 is attributed to neither local lattice distortions nor surface adsorbed species. The downsizing is also observed when other cerium compounds, i.e., cerium nitrate, chloride, acetylacetonato, and oxide, are used as a cerium source. Investigation on the crystal growth process of Ce3+-doped YBO3 reveals that cerium ions promote the nucleation of YBO3 crystals at the early stage of the reaction, resulting in small particles.

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