Analysis of electron energy distribution function in the Linac4 H- source

S. Mochizuki, S. Mattei, K. Nishida, A. Hatayama, J. Lettry

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To understand the Electron Energy Distribution Function (EEDF) in the Radio Frequency Inductively Coupled Plasmas (RF-ICPs) in hydrogen negative ion sources, the detailed analysis of the EEDFs using numerical simulation and the theoretical approach based on Boltzmann equation has been performed. It is shown that the EEDF of RF-ICPs consists of two parts, one is the low energy part which obeys Maxwellian distribution and the other is high energy part deviated from Maxwellian distribution. These simulation results have been confirmed to be reasonable by the analytical approach. The results suggest that it is possible to enhance the dissociation of molecules and the resultant H- negative ion production by reducing the gas pressure.

ジャーナルReview of Scientific Instruments
出版ステータスPublished - 2016 2月 1

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