Arthroscopic Treatment of Tibial Eminence Avulsion Fracture With Suture Tensioning Technique

Shu Kobayashi, Kengo Harato, Kazuhiko Udagawa, Ko Masumoto, Masashi Jinnouchi, Takashi Toyoda, Yasuo Niki

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Although a tibial eminence avulsion fracture is a rare knee injury, it can result in some complications such as nonunion, limited range of motion, and anterior instability of the knee if the displaced fracture is not well reduced. Arthroscopic procedures for this fracture have been commonly performed in recent years. In patients with small fragments, a pullout operation is usually performed, but arthroscopic suture reduction is technically difficult. In addition, anterior instability of the knee may remain even if the fragment is well reduced at the time of the surgical procedure. Generally, surgeons are concerned about anatomic reduction compared with appropriate tensioning during surgery. Therefore, one of the key points to avoid remaining anterior instability of the knee is to obtain and maintain appropriate tensioning. The purpose of this article is to present an easy and safe technique for acquisition of appropriate tensioning using a tensioning device for tibial eminence avulsion fractures. Although it has limitations, this technique can facilitate the reduction of tibial eminence avulsion fractures and appropriate tensioning of the anterior cruciate ligament.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2018 3月

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