Broad-velocity-width Molecular Features in the Galactic Plane

Hiroki Yokozuka, Tomoharu Oka, Shunya Takekawa, Yuhei Iwata, Shiho Tsujimoto

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We performed a systematic search for broad-velocity-width molecular features (BVFs) in the disk part of our Galaxy by using the CO J = 1-0 survey data obtained with the Nobeyama Radio Observatory 45 m telescope. From this search, 58 BVFs were identified. In comparisons with the infrared and radio continuum images, 36 BVFs appeared to have both infrared and radio continuum counterparts, and 15 of them are described as molecular outflows from young stellar objects in the literature. In addition, 21 BVFs have infrared counterparts only, and eight of them are described as molecular outflows in the literature. One BVF (CO 16.134-0.553) does not have any luminous counterpart in the other wavelengths, which suggests that it may be an analog of high-velocity compact clouds in the Galactic center.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2021 2月 20

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