Browser based agile e-voting system

Sriperumbuduru Kandala Simhalu, Keiji Takeda

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In the recent past, in spite of several real world implementations available for Internet [browser-based] e-voting, there seems to be a pattern emerging, one of apathy towards improving voter convenience / participation. The goal of the proposed system evolves from the premise that, there should be a priority shift towards addressing the needs of the Voter, hence, most of the other requirements of this system, such as Security, Anonymity, Universal Verifiability, Individual Verifiability, Receipt-Freeness and Fairness are a direct by-product of this goal. In order to secure a higher voter participation, the proposed system considers the trade-offs between strict adherence to essential properties and practicality / user-convenience. To further secure the voter confidence/trust, a practical approach to Individual Verifiability has been implemented, without compromising the Receipt-Freeness property. So, with such flexibility and consumer-oriented approach, it is but evident that Agility is the hallmark of this project.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2007
イベント12th Asian Computing Science Conference, ASIAN 2007 - Doha, Qatar
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