Capillary-based centrifugal microfluidic device for size-controllable formation of monodisperse microdroplets

Masamune Morita, Hitoyoshi Yamashita, Masayuki Hayakawa, Hiroaki Onoe, Masahiro Takinoue

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Here, we demonstrate a simple method for the rapid production of size-controllable, monodisperse, W/O microdroplets using a capillarybased centrifugal microfluidic device. W/O microdroplets have recently been used in powerful methods that enable miniaturized chemical experiments. Therefore, developing a versatile method to yield monodisperse W/O microdroplets is needed. We have developed a method for generating monodisperse W/O microdroplets based on a capillary-based centrifugal axisymmetric co-flowing microfluidic device. We succeeded in controlling the size of microdroplets by adjusting the capillary orifice. Our method requires equipment that is easier-to-use than with other microfluidic techniques, requires only a small volume (0.1-1 μl) of sample solution for encapsulation, and enables the production of hundreds of thousands number of W/O microdroplets per second. We expect this method will assist biological studies that require precious biological samples by conserving the volume of the samples for rapid quantitative analysis biochemical and biological studies.

ジャーナルJournal of Visualized Experiments
出版ステータスPublished - 2016 2月 22

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