Characterization and electrochemical properties of CF4 plasma-treated boron-doped diamond surfaces

Takeshi Kondo, Hiroyuki Ito, Kazuhide Kusakabe, Kazuhiro Ohkawa, Kensuke Honda, Yasuaki Einaga, Akira Fujishima, Takeshi Kawai

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The effect of CF4 plasma etching on diamond surfaces, with respect to treatment time, was investigated using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and electrochemical measurements. SEM observations and Raman spectra indicated an increase in surface roughening on a scale of 10-20 nm, and an increase in crystal defect density was apparent with treatment time in the range of 10 s to 30 min. In contrast, alteration of the diamond surface terminations from oxygen to fluorine was found to be rather rapid, with saturation of the F/C atomic ratio estimated from XPS analysis after treatment durations of 1 min and more. The redox kinetics of Fe(CN)63-/4- was also found to be significantly modified after 10 s of CF4 plasma treatment. This behavior shows that C-F terminations predominantly affect the redox kinetics compared to the effect on the surface roughness and crystal defects. The double-layer capacitance (Cdl) of the electrolyte/CF4 plasma-treated boron-doped diamond interface was found to show a minimum value at 1 min of treatment. These results indicate that a short-duration CF4 plasma treatment is effective for the fabrication of fluorine-terminated diamond surfaces without undesirable surface damage.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2008 1

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