Co laser angioplasty system: an innovational approach for laser angioplasty

Tsunenori Arai, Kyoichi Mizuno, Akira Miyamoto, Masami Sakurada, Makoto Kikuchi, Haruo Nakamura, Atsushi Utsumi, Kiyoshi Takeuchi

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A unique laser angioplasty system using new therapeutic laser with infrared glass fiber delivery was described. Carbon monoxide(CO) laser of 5m in wavelength was employed as therapeutic laser to ablate atheromatous plaque precisely, because of its flexible delivery attained by As-S glass fiber. We developed the first medical CO laser and infrared laser cable. We also developed 5.5Fr. thin angioscope catheter with complete directional manipulatability at its tip. The system control unit could manage to prevent failure irradiations and fiber damages. This novel angioplasty system was evaluated by an artificial stenosis model in mongrel dogs. We demonstrated that our system had capability to overcome current issues on laser angioplasty with multi-fiber-catheter and over-the-guidewire procedure.

ジャーナルBiomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications
出版ステータスPublished - 1995 1月 1

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