Contour integral calculations for generalised creep laws within ABAQUS

Yun Jae Kim

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This paper reports time-dependent C(t)-integral calculations for generalised creep laws using the user subroutine CREEP within the general-purpose FE code, ABAQUS [ABAQUS Version 5.8. User's Manual (1999)]. The evaluation of the strain energy density rate function is emphasised. As examples, the external circumferential cracked cylinder subject to mechanical loading and combined mechanical and thermal loading was considered for two different generalised creep laws, the θ-projection creep law and a secondary-tertiary creep law. The resulting ABAQUS C(t)-integral results were then compared with the results from another FE code, BERSAFE [BERSAFE User's Guides (1990)], to check reliability of the ABAQUS calculations. Excellent agreement between these results provides confidence in the ABAQUS C(t)-integral calculation for generalised creep laws.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping
出版物ステータスPublished - 2001 12 27

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