Design and fabrication of a kirigami-inspired electrothermal MEMS scanner with large displacement

Masaaki Hashimoto, Yoshihiro Taguchi

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Large-displacement microelectromechanical system (MEMS) scanners are in high demand for a wide variety of optical applications. Kirigami, a traditional Japanese art of paper cutting and folding, is a promising engineering method for creating out-of-plane structures. This paper explores the feasibility and potential of a kirigami-inspired electrothermal MEMS scanner, which achieves large vertical displacement by out-of-plane film actuation. The proposed scanner is composed of film materials suitable for electrothermal self-reconfigurable folding and unfolding, and microscale film cuttings are strategically placed to generate large displacement. The freestanding electrothermal kirigami film with a 2 mm diameter and high fill factor is completely fabricated by careful stress control in the MEMS process. A 200 μm vertical displacement with 131 mW and a 20 Hz responsive frequency is experimentally demonstrated as a unique function of electrothermal kirigami film. The proposed design, fabrication process, and experimental test validate the proposed scanner's feasibility and potential for large-displacement scanning with a high fill factor.

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