Desktop micro-CT image-based dynamic FEM analysis of stress wave pathways between mandibular trabecular bone and cortical bone with comparisons to virtual models with eliminated materials on pathways

Haruhisa Nakano, Naoki Takano, Koutaro Maki

研究成果: Article


To a nalyze the biomechanical behavior of human bone, micro-CT image-based static FEM analyse s considering trabecular architecture have been carried out. In the field of dental biomechanics, not only the static analysis but also dynamic analysis against impact load is required. In this paper, a desktop micro-CT was used for the right half of a human mandible with 0.103 mm resolution after dissecting. The lost information by a saw was recovered by the homogenization model. The impact load was applied to the implant in the molar part and the load transfer from the implant to the cortical bone and trabecular bone was considered. The stress wave pathways from the implant to the condyle were analyzed by comparison with virtual FEM models with eliminated materials on pathways. It was revealed that the stress wave transferred from the implant neck and end part to peri-implant trabecular bone played a significant mechanical role. It was also found that the apparent wave speed in the trabecular bone region was as fast as that in the cortical bone.

ジャーナルJournal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering
出版物ステータスPublished - 2016


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