Development of automatic process planning system for turning-milling center with 2 turrets system

Khusna Dwijayanti, Hideki Aoyama

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The objective of this study is to develop an automatic process planning system in a complex machining, specifically for a turning-milling center with 2 turrets system. The machining feature recognition is carried out based on delta volume decomposition and surface identification. The system is able to recognize the machining features with any type of surfaces such as planar, inclined planar, cylindrical, spherical, conical, and toroid. The SolidWorks API was used in the designed system for delta volume extraction; disassembly of the delta volume into simple machining features, surface's parameter identification, machining feature recognition, sequence determination, and prediction of processing time. Furthermore, the process planning system is able to generate all possible machining solutions, evaluate the machining plan and choose the appropriate machining plan based on the user's evaluation criteria. At this stage, the developed system is able to select the best machining process plan, based on shortest processing time. Finally, this paper proposes a new process planning method for turning-milling machining center with 2-turrets system, and presents the result of process planning simulation.

ジャーナルSeimitsu Kogaku Kaishi/Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 5月 1

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