Development of bolometric tomography technique for high-contrast radiation distribution in toroidal devices

Ryuichi Sano, Kiyofumi Mukai, Byron J. Peterson, Masakatsu Fukumoto, Kazuo Hoshino

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An extended Computed Tomography (CT) technique with a priori information based on Phillips-Tikhonov regularization has been developed to handle a high-contrast radiation distribution, which can result in large reconstruction errors in the region where radiation intensity is low, with few line of sight (LOS) data. Reference profiles generated from LOS data for every time slice are employed as the a priori information. In the extended technique, the weighting parameter for the reference profile is automatically determined from the LOS data, to avoid an inappropriate reference. The extended technique has been examined with a reconstruction test with the previously designed CT system using an infrared imaging video bolometer in JT-60SA. In the reconstructed profile of the high-contrast radiation distribution, the extended technique shows improvement of the weak radiation region, such as the scrape-off layer, without the deterioration of the strong radiation region, such as around the divertor. The results indicate that the extended CT technique can help to handle a high-contrast radiation distribution with few LOS data.

ジャーナルReview of Scientific Instruments
出版物ステータスPublished - 2017 9 1


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