Development of graphical user interface for a system identification support device

Hiroyuki Takanashi, Shuichi Adachi

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This paper describes an interface for a system identification device on which system identification theory is implemented. A basic system identification procedure includes following steps; 1) collecting I/O data, 2) preprocessing the I/O data. 3) executing identification algorithm and constructing a model, and 4) validating the estimated model. System identification produces different results depend on various identification conditions. This results in a diversity of system identification. On the other hand, the diversity makes system identification problems more complex. The system identification device supports the user, in particular beginners', who execute above processes, The device utilizes MATLAB as a main processing software with a GUI in order to deal with the system identification processes visually. The system identification device is one of the most desireble ways to standardize system identification operations.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2007

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