Development of Inhibitors of Salicylic Acid Signaling

Kai Jiang, Tetsuya Kurimoto, Eun Kyung Seo, Sho Miyazaki, Masatoshi Nakajima, Hidemitsu Nakamura, Tadao Asami

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Salicylic acid (SA) plays important roles in the induction of systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in plants. Determining the mechanism of SAR will extend our understanding of plant defenses against pathogens. We recently reported that PAMD is an inhibitor of SA signaling, which suppresses the expression of the pathogenesis-related PR genes and is expected to facilitate the understanding of SA signaling. However, PAMD strongly inhibits plant growth. To minimize the side effects of PAMD, we synthesized a number of PAMD derivatives, and identified compound 4 that strongly suppresses the expression of the PR genes with fewer adverse effects on plant growth than PAMD. We further showed that the adverse effects on plant growth were partially caused the stabilization of DELLA, which is also related to the pathogen responses. These results indicate that compound 4 would facilitate our understanding of SA signaling and its cross talk with other plant hormones.

ジャーナルJournal of agricultural and food chemistry
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 8月 19

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