Developments and applications of mass microscopy

Mitsutoshi Setou, Kamlesh Shrivas, Morakot Sroyraya, Hyunjeong Yang, Yuki Sugiura, Junji Moribe, Akira Kondo, Koji Tsutsumi, Yoshishige Kimura, Nobuya Kurabe, Takahiro Hayasaka, Naoko Goto-Inoue, Nobuhiro Zaima, Koji Ikegami, Prasert Sobhon, Yoshiyuki Konishi

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We have developed a mass microscopy technique, i.e., a microscope combined with high-resolution matrixassisted laser desorption/ionization-imaging mass spectrometry (MALDI-IMS), which is a powerful tool for investigating the spatial distribution of biomolecules without any time-consuming extraction, purification, and separation procedures for biological tissue sections. Mass microscopy provides clear images about the distribution of hundreds of biomolecules in a single measurement and also helps in understanding the cellular profile of the biological system. The sample preparation and the spatial resolution and speed of the technique are all important steps that affect the identification of biomolecules in mass microscopy. In this Award Lecture Review, we focus on some of the recent developments in clinical applications to show how mass microscopy can be employed to assess medical molecular morphology.

ジャーナルMedical Molecular Morphology
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