DODDLE-OWL: Interactive domain ontology development with open source software in Java

Takeshi Morita, Naoki Fukuta, Noriaki Izumi, Takahira Yamaguchi

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In this paper, we propose an interactive domain ontology development environment called DODDLE-OWL. DODDLE-OWL refers to existing ontologies and supports the semi-automatic construction of taxonomic and other relationships in domain ontologies from documents. Integrating several modules, DODDLE-OWL is a practical and interactive domain ontology development environment. In order to evaluate the efficiency of DODDLE-OWL, we compared DODDLE-OWL with popular manual-building method. In order to evaluate the scalability of DODDLEOWL,we constructed a large sized ontology over 34,000 concepts in the field of rocket operation using DODDLE-OWL. Through the above evaluation, we confirmed the efficiency and the scalability of DODDLE-OWL. Currently, DODDLE-OWL is open source software in Java and has 100 and more users from 20 and more countries.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2008 4

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