Drug discovery and development focusing on existing medicines: Drug re-profiling strategy

Tohru Mizushima

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As a new strategy for drug discovery and development, I focus on drug re-profiling as a way to identify new treatments for diseases. In this strategy, the actions of existing medicines, whose safety and pharmacokinetic effects in humans have already been confirmed clinically and approved for use, are examined comprehensively at the molecular level and the results used for the development of new medicines. This strategy is based on the fact that we still do not understand the underlying mechanisms of action of many existing medicines, and as such the cellular responses that give rise to their main effects and side effects are yet to be elucidated. To this extent, identification of the mechanisms underlying the side effects of medicines offers a means for us to develop safer drugs. The results can also be used for developing existing drugs for use as medicines for the treatment of other diseases. Promoting this research strategy could provide breakthroughs in drug discovery and development. The Authors 2011. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Japanese Biochemical Society. All rights reserved2011

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