Dynamic Fund Protection

Junichi Imai, Phelim P. Boyle

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Dynamic fund protection provides an investor with a floor level of protection during the investment period. This feature generalizes the concept of a put option, which provides only a floor value at a particular time. The dynamic protection feature ensures that the fund value is upgraded if it ever falls below a certain threshold level. Gerber and Pafumi (2000) have recently derived a closed-form expression for the price of this protection when the basic portfolio follows geometric Brownian motion. In this paper we examine the pricing of this feature under the constant elasticity of variance process. Two approaches are used to obtain numerical results. First, we show how to extend the basic Monte Carlo approach to handle the particular features of dynamic protection. When a discrete-time simulation approach is used to value a derivative that is subject to continuous monitoring, there is a bias. We show how to remove this bias. Second, a partial differential equation approach is used to price dynamic protection. We demonstrate that the price of the dynamic protection is sensitive to the investment assumptions. We also discuss a discrete time modification of the dynamic protection feature that is suitable for practical implementation. The paper deals just with pricing and does not consider the important question of reserving for these contracts.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2001 7月 1

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